Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Blend wrote about this inspiring London-based advertising company before, when they did some interesting experiments on light-writing. This time, the people over at Dentsu London collaborated with biochemist and photographer Linden Gledhill for Canon’s PIXMA color printer range. For this project they created surreal sculptures of sound by letting droplets of bright-colored paint react to waves of sound.

After seeing Linden’s Water Figure series on Flickr, Dentsu asked him to fly in from Philadelphia and shoot these amazing campaign stills. To achieve these eruptions of paint, they put a balloon over a speaker and placed drops of paint in the centre. They then played a sharp note through the speakers and captured the movement of the paint.

The final result is great! Go see it for your self.. loving the colours and movements!

Here the making of!

See here the article from before and the video that comes with it:

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London onVimeo.

Two London-based communication agencies decided to explore the possibilities of Apple’s latest invention, the iPad. The creative superbrains of BERG and Dentsu invented a technique using long camera exposures to record the iPad moving through space in order to make a stop motion film of 3-d light forms. The iPad or, as they prefer to call it, the ‘glowing rectangle’ extrudes different forms of light that can be captured on camera when filmed in the dark.

The two agency’s wanted to focus on a project they’re both working on called Making Future Magic, which is all about making creative work that contributes to its environment and experiment with materials and media. It’s interesting to see that these guys have a different approach to the value of commercial communication and the outcome is absolutely breathtaking. BERG and Dentsu are definitely Making Future Magic.

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So these are the jewelry that are on my wishing list.. Still in need of a gold bracelet and a bird necklace! Love all the animals on jewelry, makes it look soooo cute.
Most of this is from Urban Outfitters. And guess what.. I’m going to Antwerp in a few weeks with my two best girlfriends and of course going to shop at the Urban Outfitters than! I’m already curious what I’m coming home with that day! You’ll probably find out about that later ;)
Oh, what do you think of the watch? I kind of like the black part being sporty and the gold giving it an elegant/chique touch. Guess it suits my style that way..

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For the people how haven’t seen it before..
Mother New York created for the Stella Artois an unusual art campaign. The campaign “The Ritual Project” was ran over three weeks with a group of New York artists to create Sky High Murals. Every day these three weeks, the artists hand-painted on the wall of a building in SoHo posters measuring 6 by 15 meters in order to create stop-motion-video of the ritual of pouring the Belgian beer in its famous glass. The whole project includes a promotional site with a huge amount of material about the shooting and the process of drawing the actual poster on the wall at the corner of Broome and Crosby in Manhattan, as well as the final movie.

It’s a great short movie.. The shots are beautiful and the music (The Album Leaf) works very good. They show an art discipline that we won’t see in every day life, and won’t think about much especially in The Netherlands where it’s not common at all. It looks like a huge photo, it’s painted That good. Respect for the guys who do this work in the cold, wind and rain.

or -> A short movie made about painters who make huge Stella Artois advertisements on buildings.

By clicking this link you can see some timelapse of the artists painting the wall: timelapse

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So, it was time to see some design again.. and what occasion is best to do that? Yup, at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Like I do every year! I only went to the Design Academy to see the graduation show because I didn’t had all day! I went with a friend I met at my work at O’neill surfcamp and he also studied at the Design Academy himself.

I’ve seen some very nice work.. I found it, however, a little moan that I saw some things that really looked the same as projects made in the  years before. But although there were some very nice pieces of design between all those works (believe me, al lot of students graduated this year!)

I made some pictures of the works.. And because everyone is looking fancy at the graduation show, I coudn’t go without a fancy outfit myself. Made some pictures of that too! I wore new shoes that day (just bought them before I went) will post about these later!

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So I just saw the short movie ‘Runaway’ Directed by Kanye West.. He also plays the leading role in the movie.

I really like it, it’s a piece of art. Some shots are not that good and Kanye’s acting and singing isn’t very good as well, but there are some really beautiful parts in it! Esspecialy the shots of the stags and the ballerinas. I like the way the ballerinas dance on Kanye’s electronic music. Very unconventional and it ads something to the music and perception of it.

Can’t place the Video on my blog but check it out after clicking this link: Runaway – Kanye West

under here some stills:

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So, as you know, I did the artwork for Aerial Club the 1st and 2nd time, and probably going to keep on doing that. Yesterday the 2nd edition took place in the Hangar 20 in Breda. Boemklatsch was performing, madness as always.. loved it!
I made some pictures while partying. Here a few of them. Ooh and make sure you’re there with us the 3rd edition! Stay tuned for the next poster and flyers..

Want to see more photo’s, check out Cursed P and the Aerial Club Facebook

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