in the bedroom

my dear cactu

my dear cacti pt. 2So happy with my tiny cactusses and little plants I’m growing.

candle cups


fav vases

our pets Patrick and KevinMeet our pets Patrick and Kevin. For sure the easiest dogs you can get yourself.

a lost hands, some more cacti and a palmtree


indoor strairs gardenNever enough plants in the house! Meet our indoor garden we made on some old stairs my grandpa used for painting in houses back in the days.

my precious very retro sewingmachineI have my own corner in the livingroom to DIY and remake my clothing with these retro Pfaff I got from an auntie.


I guess it was about time I should share some photo’s of my new appartement I share with my friend. We both love vintage accesories and furniture.. Although we don’t have the exact same taste in interior styling I think we made a good combination out of our stuff. The first 6 pics are from my bedroom. The other ones I took from the livingroom and open kitchen.

© Juliette van Oorschot

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A party is not a party without great people, music and some booze. But we should not forget the styling as well!
People entering a party of which the enviroment already looks great and cheerfull for sure will get in the mood just a bit more.. right? At least I think it’s a part of it.
Next month I will throw myself a party for my b-day so that’s a good reason to browse for some cool ideas.
It’s actually so easy to cheer up the place with some, flowers, fabric, lace, or paper DIY’s. I’m getting so excited to do some DIY’s myself now!
I think when throwing a party outside, the key is to just hang lights or strings in the air. For example from tree to tree.. or like the trees tight to the tables with candles hanging from the branches (#10). It creates a coherent and cozy feeling to the area your party is held.
Some snacks are a good add to the party as well right? My next task.. pick some easy snacks to prepare for the guests. Stay tuned!




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arhitekturaplus.wordpress 02

saralynnpaige.com 01


saralynnpaige.com 02

Play Pot Restaurant Lim Tae Hee Design Studio


Southern Weddings, Ryan Ray


kitchen, yellow, sink, kitchen dresser

I wouldn’t say yellow is my favourite colour at all.. and I wouldn’t buy anything in that colour quickly as well.
But, when having a look trough my interior lookbook I came across these images.. And actually have to say that yellow could be great used as accent colour. What do you think? Would you paint your floor or a wall like this? It does lighten up the room right?

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#01 Sunset in our new home #02 vintage flower shirt #03 our ‘indoor stairs garden’ is doing pretty well
#04 Fresh salmon with homemade pesto genovese pasta, zucchini, rocket, pine nuts and tomato’s #05 Frank Ocean concert #06 Homemade vegetarian pizza with goatcheese
#07 Bleached my hair, I’m a redhead now! #08 I made indonesian saté and sajoer beans #09 So many b-day’s this month!
#10 Pitch festival #11 the morning after in Amsterdam trying to wake up with a cup of tea #12 ready to chill out in the Westerpark
#13 English Sangria, perfectly fresh and sweet for a summer day  #14 yinyang #15 Organic bracelets


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So I walked around the H&M last week to help a friend find some fun festival clothing. I couldn’t help myself from buying some great basics for this summer.
I though I was done buying stuff for this summer (yes I’m always on a shopping diet). But found these vests (with the black&white pattern).. long, a bit see-through and cheap. I say perfect for a festival when it’s a bit colder at night, it’s folds up to a small package, so easy to put in your bag!
I was actually in search for a pair of white flatforms, but couldn’t find them anymore, so I gave up searching.. But than I ran into these peach/white flatforms, in my size! Perfect, right at the moment I’ve put my hopes on something else. No need for that anymore either I guess.
Now I was collecting an outfit that morning that was suitable for cruising through the city on my skateboard, with a temperature of almost 30°C. I couldn’t find myself a pair of white sport socks at home to wear with these jeans shorts and vans.. Those socks would’ve really ‘finished’ my outfit. And so I guess it was my lucky day, cause I walked into these oldskool kneehigh socks as well! Perfect.
When standing in line of the pay-desk this white cute crop tee was just hanging there with a tag that said €2,95 (no that wasn’t a sale tag). Cool, I like H&M Basics, now I don’t have to cut myself a t-shirt like this anymore!

The secret? Don’t go search for something.. just walk into a store without a purpose, and your day will be so much better when just randomly run into some perfect items.

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

necklace, gold, white, tee, shirt, vest, pattern

shoes, peach, flatforms, gympies

ringen, rings, jewelry, gold, accessories

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

MAC, make-up, lipstick

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje


© Juliette van Oorschot

 Jeans, Croptop, Socks, Vest, Flatforms, Rings, Bracelet – H&M
Lipstick – M.A.C.
Necklace – Claire’s

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A house build in former horse stables.
‘Lovely Cottage’, the name of the house the staples were part of, had it’s last race, and shortly after, the unused stables fell into a state of disrepair. Until one day when Andy Ramus of AR Design Studio, which was completing renovations to the Manor House, recognized the potential of this historic stable. Shortly after, Lovely Cottage’s stable received a new lease on life as a modern three-bedroom house featuring much of the structure’s original barnlike character. The historic Manor House Stables, once home to a Grand National-winning horse, comprised a single-storey building with brick and stone walls and a gently sloping gabled roof.

Redundant features of the stables are also reused in the design. These include the old horse troughs, now used as sink basins, and tethering rings that function as towel hoops.

A very unconventional but gorgeous repurpose! It is styled minimalistic, but would be absolutely perfect with a good amount of plants, a big rug and some accessories.

Earlier this year a Portuguese studio also converted a stable block into a family house . Take a look!

Sources: Remodelista and Dezeen

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tree socks

scratch-nails-watermeloncactus, cacti, bag

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Phillip Lim bikini, fashion, stripes

shoes, sandals, fashion

shirt, stripes, croptop

I found and gathered some great items for this summer to share with you!
If only I had the time and money.. these would definitly be part of my wardrobe. And how cute are the socks and the bag right?!

I haven’t been thinking about buying or wearing sandles yet at all since the weather still ins’t that great. I’m still very happy with my Doc Martens, kind of living in those shoes at the moment haha. But seeing these black and gold robust sandles, I get kind of excited. It always feels like a hard job to find the right sandles that match all of your outfits and are actually comfortable. But I guess I should start the hunt for a pair of those soon now.

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