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Ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and realise it’s not that much of a great and inspiring view? well.. let’s upgrade! Why not paint your ceiling for a touch of colour instead of the walls. It might not be the first thing to think off. We all know it’s tough work to paint, especially above the head, but it can really upgrade a room. Let’s take a look at some images to see what’s the effect of a painted ceiling.






Black works well when you have a lot of space and a high ceiling. It gives you the illusion the room is a bit more compact.


MIO 163


The beauty of this is that the painted ceiling can give the whole room a gorgeous coloured reflection of the light. This causes a fantastic cozyness. I’m sure the pink ceiling gives the room, and the people in there, a fabulous pink blush glow. Kind of a nice thing in the bedroom not? Don’t we all want to look fabulous in there? ;)

thejungalow.com welke.nl

I think painting the ceiling is  a perfect solution to add a firm dose of colour to your room, without having to paint all the walls, or make it one big colour filled room. The walls stay clean, white and that way you keep it calm. Coloured walls can make placing a closet f.e. a bit harder. It’ll break the line of a wall. Take the one with the olive green ceiling, if you’d paint the wall behind the bed green instead of the ceiling and place the same pink nightstands in front of it together with the macrame wall hanging.. you’ll get a total different look. It’ll be much more of a contrasting and overwhelming appearance. Though, that I’m sure looks really nice as well, where talking about the benefits of the painted ceiling now.



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saralynnpaige.com 02

Play Pot Restaurant Lim Tae Hee Design Studio


Southern Weddings, Ryan Ray


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I wouldn’t say yellow is my favourite colour at all.. and I wouldn’t buy anything in that colour quickly as well.
But, when having a look trough my interior lookbook I came across these images.. And actually have to say that yellow could be great used as accent colour. What do you think? Would you paint your floor or a wall like this? It does lighten up the room right?

#01-02 arhitekturaplus #03-05 saralynnpaige #04 frommoontomoon #06-07 Afflante #10 onfaittoutcequinousplait

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Love love love for colour use in interiors. I experienced myself that lots of people are scared to paint their walls, or in general are scared to use  bright colours in their interior. But looking at these images only gives more prove to me that it’s really nice to use colours, it gives a nice and fresh look to your house, and it makes you happy! Well at least it makes me happy! You can always choose to keep your walls and furniture in a calm or white/earthy tone and use accessories to boost it up. The good part of that.. bored with the colours? just change a few items and it can give it a totally different look, ambiance or feeling.
I myself would go for the turquoise wall with the bordeaux couch for sure! Love the contrast of those colours together and the ambiance.




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Today I welkom myself back in the blogworld of fashion, lifestyle and interiour. Back from traveling and blogging about culture, beaches, monkeys and all the rest of the holiday stuff it’s time to get back to the subjects I used to blog about. And I’m stoked about it! I missed my wardrobe, shopping and browsing around for inspiration to blog about so much that I hardly know where to start with!
From now on I will be blogging more structured, and have some days dedicated to a certain subject. Interior posts stay on the thursdays and I will try to have one outfit post every once a week.
And my first question btw is.. How to dye my hair? It’s really light now since it’s bleached by the asian sun so that makes my hair easy to dye. I had orange as a dip dye a few times now, and I still like it.. But maybe a light pink all over, really dark on top (since I’m kind of tanned right now) or a greyish colour could be cool as well. Found some pics online that really inspired me. Which one do you think will suit me most?




This last photo I just have to share, blue for sure is not going to suit me, but I love it in Ivania’s (Love Aesthetics) hair!


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Found some really nice hairdo’s and colours again after surfing around on some tumblr’s last week. Loooove the orange and pink together and the blond with the turquoise. What’s your favorite?

All images found on different Tumblr pages.

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