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Recently I did a restyle of the Hairdresser shop ‘Simon Says’. A mens hairdresser shop that kind of missed some life and cozyness in the interior. A place where lots of costumers like to come by, have a beer or take a seat on the bench outside to enjoy the sun. I changed the placement of the counter which now is a vintage workbench. A vintage table and old school chairs are placed in the front of the shop so people can take a seat, have a look in a magazine, hang around and wait for their turn in a relaxed setting. I painted the wall in waiting area black, and decorated it with some old enamel plates. To top we added two old factory lights, and cheered the place up with several plants, magazines and some photo frames.















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A restaurant that I find very intersting is Usine in Eindhoven.
This Grand Cafe based in the centre of the city was the former Philips Light Tower. In the early days light bulbs for Philips where produced here. Nowadays the building is one of Eindhoven’s well known monuments. An old Philips poster with the caption: ‘Les plus grandes usines du monde’ was the inspiration for the restaurants name. For the concept it was changed into: ‘Usine le plus grand cafe du monde.’ A grand cafe for everyone!
The whole visual identity from interior to all graphics is done by Bearandbunny consisting of Design Academy Eindhoven (which is based next to this building) graduates John Maatman and Carlijn Kriekaard.

They did a real good job combining different sorts of retro and new furnitures and colours. I totally love the wooden floor next to the black & white tiles around the bar, entrance, store and restrooms. It has a quite high ceiling, but with the industrial lights hanging low from the ceiling it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in a big open space and cold at all. They combined lots of different materials and textures like concrete, glass, metal, wood, fabrics, colours and retro and new.
When first entering the Grand Cafe I was impressed by this interior and the great job they did. They have tables to eat from, the have a drink, to work, or couches to simply drink a cup of tea or coffee with the daily newspaper. A place for everyone and for sure unique in it’s style.

All images from Dezeen.com

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