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Ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and realise it’s not that much of a great and inspiring view? well.. let’s upgrade! Why not paint your ceiling for a touch of colour instead of the walls. It might not be the first thing to think off. We all know it’s tough work to paint, especially above the head, but it can really upgrade a room. Let’s take a look at some images to see what’s the effect of a painted ceiling.






Black works well when you have a lot of space and a high ceiling. It gives you the illusion the room is a bit more compact.


MIO 163


The beauty of this is that the painted ceiling can give the whole room a gorgeous coloured reflection of the light. This causes a fantastic cozyness. I’m sure the pink ceiling gives the room, and the people in there, a fabulous pink blush glow. Kind of a nice thing in the bedroom not? Don’t we all want to look fabulous in there? ;)

thejungalow.com welke.nl

I think painting the ceiling is  a perfect solution to add a firm dose of colour to your room, without having to paint all the walls, or make it one big colour filled room. The walls stay clean, white and that way you keep it calm. Coloured walls can make placing a closet f.e. a bit harder. It’ll break the line of a wall. Take the one with the olive green ceiling, if you’d paint the wall behind the bed green instead of the ceiling and place the same pink nightstands in front of it together with the macrame wall hanging.. you’ll get a total different look. It’ll be much more of a contrasting and overwhelming appearance. Though, that I’m sure looks really nice as well, where talking about the benefits of the painted ceiling now.



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I like jars..  most of my friend already know that. It’s so easy, you eat the food that’s inside them, clean them, get the label off.. and after a few months you have many different kinds of jars in the most beautiful shapes and sizes. Feta, olive and pesto jars are the best with their original shapes!
I sometimes collect them for when I might come up with an idea to do something with them. And so yesterday I was spray painting some stuff and thought Hey.. I could totally spray paint a few of my jars to use them as candles glasses.

I choose to paint them all at the same height, but you can do anything you want actually.
I bought spray paint that can be used on wood, glass, plastic, metal.. well, actually everything. Taped the parts that should not get painted and sprayed the bottom parts of the jars. After a few minutes they’re dry and you can use than right the way. Easy ha?

© by Hyperjulia

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I haven’t been able to paint my nails while traveling, and I can tell you, I missed it! I really looked forward back there to paint my nails again when back home.. so that’s what I did right away. And during this past week, I played around with some colour combinations and different styles. Unfortunately I didn’t have any tape, so I had to do it free hand.. so it’s not perfectly neat.



© by Hyperjulia

Light turquoise – Barry M
Darker turquoise – Catrice
Pink & burgundy – H&M
(Rings – Asos)

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