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Ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and realise it’s not that much of a great and inspiring view? well.. let’s upgrade! Why not paint your ceiling for a touch of colour instead of the walls. It might not be the first thing to think off. We all know it’s tough work to paint, especially above the head, but it can really upgrade a room. Let’s take a look at some images to see what’s the effect of a painted ceiling.






Black works well when you have a lot of space and a high ceiling. It gives you the illusion the room is a bit more compact.


MIO 163


The beauty of this is that the painted ceiling can give the whole room a gorgeous coloured reflection of the light. This causes a fantastic cozyness. I’m sure the pink ceiling gives the room, and the people in there, a fabulous pink blush glow. Kind of a nice thing in the bedroom not? Don’t we all want to look fabulous in there? ;)

thejungalow.com welke.nl

I think painting the ceiling is  a perfect solution to add a firm dose of colour to your room, without having to paint all the walls, or make it one big colour filled room. The walls stay clean, white and that way you keep it calm. Coloured walls can make placing a closet f.e. a bit harder. It’ll break the line of a wall. Take the one with the olive green ceiling, if you’d paint the wall behind the bed green instead of the ceiling and place the same pink nightstands in front of it together with the macrame wall hanging.. you’ll get a total different look. It’ll be much more of a contrasting and overwhelming appearance. Though, that I’m sure looks really nice as well, where talking about the benefits of the painted ceiling now.



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So my friend and I were having drinks in Amsterdam after a concert we went to. After a couple glasses of wine we started sharing our fantasies about destinations we wanted to go to in the near future, not being to serious about it. The next day both kinda hungover we individually thought it over, having this fanasie stuck to our brains we looked at eachother and both said the same ‘Wtf let’s book a ticket to New York and we’ll just see how to make it work moneywise!’. And that’s how we ended up in the Big Apple last week.

We decided to go as 3 besties and stayed in this tacky but well known place ‘The Roosevelt’. Got a good deal trough hotwire and it’s situated right in the centre of Manhatten. Perfecto! Now I can tell you about all the stuff we did but I’ll just share you our conclusion about New York and have you make it happen yourself one day.

Go to Brooklyn, Williamsburg and the Meatpacking district to eat, drink coffee and gin tonics, wonder around, shop and enjoy the relaxed and  young atmosphere these neighbourhoods have to offer you. Walk past the headquarters of Vice, get fashion inspired by locals biking past you and enjoy the view over Manhatten from the waterside. Go get dinner at Mogador and 5Leaves in Williamsburg. The highline is a must, together with ConeyIsland on a sunny day and don’t forget to try the fried oreo’s. Hop on the metro and get out in Soho if you want to upgrade your wardrobe with some nice items from Urban Outfitters, Topshop or American Apparel or maybe some cool sneakers from ‘Kith’. Little italy and Chinatown are definitly nice to wonder around and have a nice lunch or dinner.

What about all those famous attractions like te statue of liberty, wall street etc? Well let’s just say we saw them from a distance but there’s much more interesting stuff to do than standing in line to walk over a bridge or go see a statue. We had a blast being in this city and hopefully we can go back someday when it’s a bit warmer and the treees have leaves on them!

Up next? I decided to hang around America for a bit longer and go visit my friends in Canada as well, so next will be Montreal followed by Ottawa. stay tuned!




Photo copyrights by me

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