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Recently I did a restyle of the Hairdresser shop ‘Simon Says’. A mens hairdresser shop that kind of missed some life and cozyness in the interior. A place where lots of costumers like to come by, have a beer or take a seat on the bench outside to enjoy the sun. I changed the placement of the counter which now is a vintage workbench. A vintage table and old school chairs are placed in the front of the shop so people can take a seat, have a look in a magazine, hang around and wait for their turn in a relaxed setting. I painted the wall in waiting area black, and decorated it with some old enamel plates. To top we added two old factory lights, and cheered the place up with several plants, magazines and some photo frames.















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During this summer I worked on a big interior project together with Plywood Constructions and Bonk Breda.  Both company owners build their life project, an indoor skate hall in Breda. It took them over 6 years to get this project to happen and that effort was worth it!

I did the interior design for the restaurant together with Jeroen van Eggermond (Plywood Constructions.) We both agreed we wanted this cafe not only to be a place for skaters to hang. The location has much more potential and so we decided to try and create a place that has a much bigger target-group in which everyone is welcome and wants to come over for a cup of tea, beer, sandwich etc.
I choose to go for a style that is rather industrial and gave it a cosy and feminine touch by adding materials like wood,  colour, plants and accessories. I started off designing the bar and went from there. Most items are vintage and the tables we designed ourselves by recycling materials and products we found while hunting in f.e. thrift stores.

Like to visit the park for a round of skateboarding or maybe a drink and some food -> Veilingkade 12, Breda or check their website www.pier15.nl

Want to know more or interested in getting some interior design done by me? Please give me a shout out!

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

photo’s by Max Fransen

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It doesn’t matter how corny this sounds, but it is true, the little things matter the most, whether it’s decorating the house or designing the looks of a bag.’

It is about time to feature an amazing artist, true inspiration and young lady here today. She makes leather bags, not just leather bags but real practical ones for the bags and ‘bike lovers’ and they look amazing as well!
I’m talking about Imke de Jong. I asked her a few question to see what drives her as a designer and to give my readers some inside information about this young designer.

Imke, 28, born in Gemert and graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010 from the Man & Communication department. She designed an educational book made out of felt about the human body. Next to that she made a table that should put focus on raising awareness on the online/offline world. No leather bags yet at that time. Kind of nice she says ‘it gives me more options’. She soon decided to move to Rotterdam to start working at ‘Doortje’ vintage shop and The Boyscouts.

Her passions lay within the small things in live, perfectionalizing her bags and also spend time with friends of course. Her surrounding stimulates her and helps to work on it passionately, whether it’s creating a bag or for example DIY’ing. This pleasant obsession of details is important to her, like she says ‘how corny it sounds, the little things are the things that matter the most, whether it’s decorating the house or designing the looks of a bag’.



What’s your Trademark?
That would be my bags, they’re all created by my own urge. I mean, it would be weird not to use my own bags right? In my bag, preferably a rucksack, I always carry a moleskine etui, phone, earplugs for music and a little tin of lip balm.

So you graduated, what happened after?
After graduating there was a time of reflection, and think about what to do next. With some leftover  leather from my graduation project I sewed a simple bag together. Slowly my interest started to grow and like an autodidact I kind of carried on designing and making bags and rucksacks. And it  still is the most favourite thing for me to do.
Next to that I also started to design bags for the accessories and jewellery brand ‘The Boyscouts’ also located in Rotterdam. I’m head of production for the brand. So that’s like my permanent thing 3 days a week. It’s an incredibly interesting job, being able to see and learn in the ‘kitchen of a growing brand’.

So the rucksack, did it came from some sort of personal urge as well?
I think the origin, functionality, shape en proportion always comes from some sort of urge or taste. A rucksack is the best example to illustrate this. Pure functionality, but because of the details, an object that is pleasant to look at. Designing and making those things I just love doing most.

How do you choose your materials? 
They’re also chosen by functionality. Leather has the quality that it’s waterproof and strong. The leather I use, has an extra feature, it changes color by time, use and influences from daily use.. This way, as consumer, you have influence on the looks of the bag. I also use canvas, a fabric that’s super strong and waterproof as well. This fabric has the advantage that it does not fray, just like leather.

Do you sew everything yourself? 
Everything I come up with, I make myself. In my head, I make a plan.. which flap has to go first, when do I have to put in the zipper.. etc. After that I start cutting the material, a hard job I can tell! and that done, I start processing and sewing.
Leather can only be sewed once, starting over is no option, you’ll see the sewing holes so that makes it quite exciting.
The nice thing about designing my bags is that I can all realize this myself. Whatever I come up with or design, I can make. I do not need any external parties to put my bags together, “relaxed” I like that about my work.


You also made some really nice ‘chain lock bags’ for bikes. Was this some sort of problem you walked into and kind of solved?
Well, not specifically a problem. I noticed that during my study I learned to find solutions for daily things. Your lock damages you bike when you twist it around your seat-post. A solution could be to just put the lock in your bag. Now I found a solution to use a ‘free’ space of a bike to hang a bag and store the chain in. This way you won’t damage the bike and with some extra features you can also store you mobile phone, and that’s what makes it a function design.

My bike is important to me, so I try not to damage it whenever I can.  It’s obvious that people around me are having the same problems and I’m glad to be able to give them a solution.

So you lived in Eindhoven while studying, why did you decide to move to Rotterdam?
After seven years of Eindhoven I had a strong urge to broaden my horizons. As a designer and creator of things, it’s a good thing to regularly sharpen up your thinking. Change of surroundings and habitat does those things to me. You kind of need to prove yourself, think of what you want and shoe you are. Moving to Rotterdam has certainly put me to work in a positive way. “Allright, here we go, I’ll show you what I’m capable of ” kind of like that.

Will you carry on design bags for ever or do you have ideas for other sorts of projects?
That’s a hard question. I guess I’ll always keep on designing bags, if not professional than for myself and friends. It would be fun to see more and more people carrying your bags and appreciate them. Putting the focus only on the bags, isn’t really necessary either, as long as it’s fun, i’ll keep on making them. If it keeps on growing, i’ll go with the flow of that growth. If it stays like what it is right now.. I’m totally satisfied as well!
Another goal for the future is to research in more crafts en maybe specialize in some of these crafts. I’d like to teach as well, support others and maybe be able to teach them something.


Image courtesy by Imke de Jong

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I’m intrigued by this picture. A moment captured so real and vivid.
I love her style, and she kind of looks like my mom did in her 20’s.
So cool this style is parallel to our style now at while I’m in my 20’s as well!


Who doesn’t love pineapples?







/ 02 felidaeunited.tumblr.com / 03 axahe.tumblr.com / 05 cigarettesneyeliner.tumblr.com /
/ 06 simplycasual.tumblr.com / 07 hollyhocksandtulips.tumblr.com / 08 lecontainer.blogspot.nl /

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A lovely and spontaneous afternoon of vintage shopping at SamSam, Tilburg with our friend and fav producer Cursed P and my friend Mmarlie.
This tiny and most definite messy store is a treasure.. It took me a minute to find the strength and courage to browse and search through al the stuff, but after a deep breath I stepped over the doorstep and conquered this Valhalla. That’s where a fun vintage shopping afternoon started. Cursed P and Marlie browsing the LP’s and I was making sure not to miss any item hanging in the racks.
I eventually found a wax coat I’ve been searching for quite a while now! Got myself an old military jacket as well.. although I know it’s a bit late to get one, I still like them very much, always have actually.
Ow and the record Marlie is holding in one pic “Music from Saharan Cellphones” is really cool. The music is made by different people living in the Sahara. They send the songs to others by mobile phones and that way get spread around the desert. There are 2 volumes and let me tell you… it’s quit catchy African/Arabic music! Definitely worth checking out.. >>> Niger Autotune (Emsitka) — Gulls Edit

Samsam vintage shopping 06

Samsam vintage shopping 02 Cursed P

Samsam vintage shopping 03

Samsam vintage shopping 01

Samsam vintage shopping 04 Mmarlie

Samsam vintage shopping 05 mirror


© Juliette van Oorschot

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A new interior ensemble made in my own house. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of this concept post.. (click here to see the first if you haven’t before).
I never really go search for something to decorate my house with, I just find stuff in f.e. thrift stores. It’s often that I just run into a cool suitcase, bag, side table or something really cheap and decide ‘on the spot’ if it would add something to my interior.
You sure know the quote that you should never look for something cause than you won’t find what you’re looking for.. guess that’s works for me. In a way I always find cool stuff randomly and that makes me really happy! The key? Just have a look at a thriftstore once in a while, and sure you’ll find some nice stuff the decorate you’re house with.

© Juliette van Oorschot

Step stool from IKEA, the top part I painted white myself.
Coffee cups I got from my grandma.
The camera bag and leather suitcase are vintage.
Leather shoes from Sacha Shoes

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It’s was time to visit my favourite thrift store again. And like most times, I found some quite nice items to fill my closet with. This past week I found the jeans dress I’m wearing here. I totally love it, so easy to wear! The little light jeans part on the sac with the studs I attached my self, easy to remove again when I’m done with the studs.

Vintage (Emmaus) jeans dress
Bas Kosters library bag
Creeper shoes

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